More than just light.

Swimming pools, fountains and ponds can also appear in a fantastic glow at night. The spotlights by VitaLight® ensure the effective lighting and illumination of bath landscapes and objects. VitaLight® POWER LED underwater spotlights reduce energy costs effectively and long-term. They thus create a wonderful atmosphere with incomparable moods and preserve resources. Bathing landscapes and objects can be placed effectively in the limelight with VitaLight®.

Here you can calculate how much LED you need for a pool

30er LED should be used as the pool is brighter than 6 meters.

3er LED are not suitable fort the whole illumination of an pool.

Please note that the mentioned values of the LED are valid for monochrome white LED.
Using RGB-LED the lighting current is approx. 30 % less.

water surface in m²

The values you gave you need the following:

description of product lighting current (lumen/m² water surface) quantity
30er POWER LED 2.0
Unterwasserscheinwerfer mit Mischlinse
13900 lm 0
21er POWER LED 2.0
Unterwasserscheinwerfer mit Mischlinse
9950 lm 0
15er POWER LED 2.0
Unterwasserscheinwerfer mit 120° Linsen
7100 lm 0
3er POWER LED 2.0
1260 lm 0