The System

Wellness and Fitness are the trend worldwide and so
there is rising interest in waterparks, spas, fun-pools
as well as public- and private swimming pools. Visitor
numbers are on the rise and the operators want to offer
services and conveniences at the highest levels. An
essentially important part is safety of the patrons. It
is mandatory for patrons and visitors that the facility
maintains safety at the highest degree, in order to
provide for a carefree and safe stay.
The biggest risk prevailing for swimming pools is
drowning, even in our modern times, this happens far too
often. In order to minimize that risk the law requires for
supervision by trained personnel for the activities at the
pool site. But especially the pool bottom is hard to monitor
from the pool edge when many people are in the pool
and monitoring is hard because of swell, light reflexes
and other distractions.
The AngelEye Lifeguard System
was developed to support the supervisory personnel as
much as possible in order to ensure the highest possible
degree of safety at the pool site. The AngelEye System
is capable of recognizing a hazardous situation below
a virtual water line and notifies supervisory personnel
as quickly as possible in order to immediately enable
decisive help measures.
Grafik aE
By means of the perfectly integrated VitaLight® POWER LED 2.0 by Hugo Lahme a homogenous illumination of the basin is ensured at
all times. The innovative AngelEye System supports
personnel like an additional life guard, free of fatigue and
distractions in support of the pool operator and provides
for the safety of the patrons at the highest level.
Angel _Eye